I love writing. But you know what I don’t like? College writing classes. I went to several during my college years, and is not that they bored me, but there were always so many rules to be followed! You need a topic sentence at the beginning of your paragraph, you have a certain way to build your phrases and so on. And that happens with other humanities/art departments, including photography.

There is obviously a better way to write as well as to photograph, but is there really a right way to do what is supposed to be a free expression of thoughts and feelings?

I don’t know anyone who became famous or acknowledged for doing exactly what everyone else was doing.


I am always researching my field of work, and sometimes come across the dilemma if I should go all the way with my equipment, having a light meter, strobes, color pallets and all of the hundreds of gadgets a photographer can have (and they are so cool!).

Since I started taking pictures I decided I wanted to keep simple.

I remember my first wedding. I had only my Canon Rebel XS camera, no off camera flash and only my kit lens. – crazy.

Crazy, I say!

But it worked.

I was waiting for the couple with my husband on one busy wedding day in Salt Lake City. I saw many photographers with their huge bags filled with all kinds of lenses, and at least two 5Ds around their necks.

I was almost crying on my husband’s shoulder, when I realized why I was there: to capture memories for a couple who were just starting their lives together. I have practiced, studied, and most of all, loved what I was doing. And it was enough.

Now, I’m not saying that just because you got your DSLR camera, and like to take pictures, you should go crazy and photograph a whole wedding without even knowing what the Manual mode is for. What I am trying to say is: don’t be afraid to keep it simple, and keep it the way you want it to be.

Don’t make rules on what should not have rules, but love and dedication.

Being yourself is the best thing you can be.

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